Hi, I'm Winter.And this is a picture of the Mona Lisa.

And in a matter of minutes, you'll discover why this picture of the Mona Lisa holds the SECRET to you living the rest of your life in luxury. Believe it or not, this 500 year old painting is the answer to achieving unlimited wealth and exploding your personal fortune beyond your wildest dreams...

By reading this letter until the very end, you will also discover how to:

WARNING: I may be forced to by the powers-that-be, to take this letter down...

If you come back tomorrow and this presentation is no longer free, don't say I didn't warn you... So read this right now, while you still can...

Remember: I'm about to share a secret that has been proven to activate the wealth gene, which has allowed thousands of many others attract more money into their lives...

In fact, even though this might sound impossible now, after you read this letter and do what it says... like thousands of deeply grateful people have before you, your colleagues, friends and family will be shocked at the financial transformation that you will experience within the next 14 days...

How suddenly, even if you are in debt up to your eyeballs, or stuck in a dead-end job that pays peanuts.You will start seeing how you can actually become a master of money, rather than a slave to it.What I'm going to tell you will transform your life. I wish I could say I was like most people, struggling to pay the bills and loaded debt.

But the truth is, I was not that lucky. I was broke in every way you can imagine. Empty and toxic relationships, alone, without direction and without a will to live. I never knew where my next paycheck would come from...

Financially, I'm set for life. And I work, only because I want to see others as successful as well.

It used to drive me nuts. I worked so hard for my money that I was willing to take any job, no matter how petty the wages in order to make ends meet. Regardless of what I did or how hard I worked, the Holy Grail of success eluded me. Doesn't it drive you nuts? I was totally frustrated with my life. And it wasn't for lack of trying either. People saw me as a complete disaster - I'd have to agree with them.

I was. I often wished things would be different. I still remember the night I was driving – and I’m ashamed to admit, I was also drunk…

When my Toyota lost its grip of the ground and I

began spinning out of control. In that situation, most people would have held tight and prayed for their life
– but I still remember how I literally let go of the wheel…

Because I actually wanted to die.

Yes, I was an alcoholic at the time and debt wasn’t the only crushing blow I’d been dealt. My mom had been nearly paralyzed with an unknown disease, and the symptoms and suffering became so bad – she chose to ingest an actual death pill… a “mercy kill” that was legally permitted in our state.

It was devastating but the misery that filled my life didn’t end with her passing – not by a long shot.

Together, he and I scraped together what we could and moved to Hawaii – where I took care of him until he passed away.

Words cannot describe the sense of loss I felt in losing both of my parents at this young age, so close together.

And yet, I somehow managed to lift myself up… and not only cure my alcoholism – but also completely turn my life around…leading to the success so many now know me for.

You might be wondering…what made the difference for me?

And that’s a great question -- because if I could transform my life from the hell I found myself in… and find success and happiness, given everything that happened to me.

Then I believe ANYONE can do the same, or perhaps go even further than I have – experiencing even more success, wealth, love and joy each day.

I didn’t know how I did it until I started looking back – studying my mind and past…

Which had given me an almost superhuman ability to cope with painful life setbacks and stressors – whether it had been debt… death… abusive relationships or anything else.

But the next key came when I started to research meditation, neurology and the brain much more – and discovered something astonishing…

According to Madelijn Strick of Utrecht University in the Netherlands and colleagues, the right form of meditation has an effect on our ability to pick up subliminal messages.

You see, the brain registers subliminal messages, but we are often unable to recall them consciously…

To investigate, the team recruited 34 experienced practitioners and randomly assigned them to either a meditation group or a control group. The meditation group was asked to meditate for 20 minutes in a session led by a master. The control group was asked to merely relax for 20 minutes.

What they found was, the meditators had a nearly 50% better ability to pick up subliminal messages.

That may not sound like a lot, but over the course of a day – and given all our other distractions – that might mean you see 2, 3 or even 5 times more than a person who is NOT trained in the techniques I’m about to share with you. Because not any form of meditation will do that trick – the process must follow a precise series of steps for maximum results.

The amazing thing is that this goes far beyond wealth and success…this is literally you re-wiring your brain for happiness – no matter what is happening in your life now.

Whether you struggle with money…
Or can’t seem to find love (or get the love you want from those in your life)…
Or you try diet after diet and can’t lose the weight…

If you’re tired of all the work and effort, all the striving and struggling.I’m here to tell you that there IS another way…

Re-wiring my brain using these techniques and strategies has created the foundation that allowed me to create and attract so much in all areas of my life — almost as if by magic — and it’s what I want for you. Starting today.

Remember, that picture of the Mona Lisa in the beginning of this letter? If you’re like most people, you did NOT see the hidden message and image inside the painting…

And initially, I didn’t either. But one day, after meditating using the strategy I’m going to share with you…

I started to see things. First, I saw this weird image of a man… I’m not quite sure what it means, but some have speculated it’s some sort of occult symbolism which wouldn’t surprise me.

But that was only the beginning. All throughout this picture, there are tons of symbols… sacred geometry and other hidden messages…

It was unbelievably eye-opening! Not that the Mona Lisa had personal meaning to me, but the ability to SEE things previously hidden from me was game-changing…

I started to looking around at all the little success signs in my life that I had been missing…

Like when a business opportunity seemed like a good idea, but I was actually being told “NO” and not to pursue it…

I still remember discussing a joint venture partnership that seemed perfect, and then getting off the phone and glancing at a book which had the word “NO” in the title…

It’s subtle, but I declined the partnership and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made – and I immediately was presented with an even better deal shortly after!

Suddenly, I realized the meaning of expressions like “trusting my intuition” and “going with my gut”…because the signs were there when I was making a right or wrong decision.

Some actions – like building my first online business – had given me all the messages I needed… I would hit a wall and then see a book about persistence… or an inspirational Facebook message about not giving up… little things that told me to keep going…

It didn’t happen all at once.

First, I allowed myself to be more willing to try some new things. To be open to new ideas. I also started studying those who were financially successful. The kind I USED to feel jealous and envious of. But now became intensely interested in. I wanted to know how they were able to see opportunities all around them. I started a project and just went for it.

The first week I made $22,000.

It wasn’t absolute wealth. But it was a start. And it was a lot of money for me.

Especially since it took so little effort and time. More importantly it showed me there was something to this way of thinking.

A week later, I was able to make another $45,000. And as I got more confident, I kept moving forward, setting aside my “poverty mindset”,

and keeping my new way of thinking.I eventually became a millionaire. And in under a year.

And it all started by changing the way I thought. I realized, I had everything I needed to make as much money as I wanted, but I simply didn’t know how to access that knowledge.

And I didn’t know how to break through my own fears, my confusions, my doubts, and my lack of self-belief.

I was so shocked by my transformation that I decided to refine my strategies. It was incredible. I felt like Neo in the Matrix after he’d taken the red pill…

Had I been able to see the signs and hidden messages in my life – I would have been spared so much heartache and realized success so much faster.

Think about it this way…

Imagine you’re driving down the road, but the windshield of your car is filled with dirt…it’s raining…there’s no light…

How confident would you be in making the correct turns in order to get to your destination?

Now, what if – as simply as turning your windshield wipers on – you suddenly cleared away all the dirt and debris blocking your view? A lot easier, right?

Well, that’s the kind of power and clarity you’ll have when you tap into these amazing new techniques…

It’s this power that I want to give you – starting today – and not merely with a technique for meditation… but rather...

In fact, I’m going to personally help you MASTER this process, so that you can change your life as profoundly as I was able to transform mine…

And become wealthy in all areas, not merely financial — but also in love, joy, purpose, career, relationships and more.

For this reason – and others – I created a special program designed to assist and guide you on your unique journey, from now for as long as you live.

I call it the "Quantum Abundance Method" and I've shared them with over 120,000 people all around the world. Until now, the only way to have access to these secrets was to get coached by me. But now for the first time...

So how can you make these changes to your subconscious beliefs? Beliefs you’re not even aware of? Good question. And here’s the answer.

When I was young, my mom taught me Transcendental Meditation. I never thought much about it until I was deeply interested in how to reprogram a person’s mind to become automatically wealthy.

And many more. When these titans of business, who could buy any form of help to create more wealth, are using meditation as part of their daily routine, there must be something to it.

And I found out there was.

I discovered meditation has the ability to quiet the mind to the point that you can discover limiting beliefs about money, and replace them with beliefs that attract money to you.

It turns out...

I wondered if this would be the way I could replace limiting beliefs people had with money. Beliefs they were not aware of. And do it in a very short period of time.

Well, as I soon found out, study after study proved that meditation actually makes our brains physically change. We can form new brain cells and neurons.

Basically, we can program and mold our brains through meditation. So what if we molded and programmed it for wealth?

Well, that’s what I did. I wondered ifthis would be the

way I could replace limiting beliefs people had with money. Beliefs they were not aware of. And do it in a very short period of time. Well, as I soon found out, study after study proved that meditation actually makes our brains physically change. We can form new brain cells and neurons.

Basically, we can program and mold our brains through meditation. So what if we molded and programmed it for wealth? Well, that’s what I did.

I combined what I learned about how the rich think and created guided audio meditations for you to begin your transformation into an automatic millionaire.

The meditations are in the form of downloadable audios. All you need to do is play them on a stereo or your iPod before you go to sleep, or when you want to take a break in the day.

The great thing is, you don’t have to learn how to meditate. You don’t need to go to a seminar, or a class, or read a book. All you have to do is listen to the voice in the audio, and I will gently guide you through a specially designed set of meditation for wealth.

You see, we can’t just take a belief away. Beliefs are like legs of a table. If you take a leg away, the table will fall. What you need to do is REPLACE the limiting beliefs about money with the beliefs about money that the rich have. That’s the key. The first guided meditation is called...

Some people lack the beliefs that enable them to manifest abundance into their lives. This audio will instill in their minds empowering beliefs on wealth manifestation, and also to reprogram their minds so that they're able to zoom in on money-making opportunities even when others only see problems.

The second guided meditation is called...

There's no bigger killer of dreams than negativity. Once the mind is infected with negative thoughts, then our ability to manifest the wealth and abundance we desire will be adversely affected.

Even if we've cleansed our minds of negativity in our bid to lay the necessary foundation for a wealth-empowered mind, there may be future instances where negativity may creep back into our subconscious due to external influences (e.g. people telling us we're not worthy enough, or not meant for such a life, etc).

This audio will not only protect the mind from future negativity, but also serves as the foundation for a powerful, wealth-focused mind.

The third is called...

Most people have a problem getting started on their money-making endeavors, because they're not motivated. Either they're stuck in their own "comfort zones" or they just can't bring themselves to take the necessary action to get started.

Miracle Motivation will instill in them the drive and motivation that they need to get into a focused, primed, unstoppable state of mind that will have them achieving success in whatever they choose to do.

The fourth is called...

A lot of people who have trouble manifesting abundance/wealth into their lives often don't take the action necessary to even get started, usually out of fear or uncertainty. They hesitate to "pull the trigger" on important decisions. Decisive Action will instill confidence in them so that they're better able to go with their gut feeling and make the best decisions for whatever it is they're trying to achieve every single time.

The fifth audio is called...

By this point, you will have programmed your brain for massive success and abundance – all the pieces are in place. You’re ahead of 99.99% of the world’s population…

So now what? Well, your brain is a lot like a car. You can have all the parts fitting together, in working order, but it still needs gas and oil.

That’s a little bit what this Success Supercharger audio is like. It’s a bit shorter, and designed to give you brain a “tune up” and inspirational fuel it needs to thrive each day…

This audio will keep the core frequencies, principles and empowering beliefs at the forefront of your mind and actions each day – and it will multiply your results. "supercharging" your mind for success in various areas of their lives.



You see, for years the only way to learn these amazing mind secrets was to get personal coaching from me... and my fees never came cheap.

In fact, the current going rate for this coaching is $1,995 for five session plus hotel meals and airfare. People willingly paid this amount, because friends who attended the seminar told them what they were missing.

But now with the Quantum Abundance Method you will have the one thing that can rapidly propel to new heights of prosperity in the comfort of your own home.

It doesn't matter what career or business you choose to pursue. The Quantum Abundance Method will show you how to take back the controls of your financial thermostat. And crack through the financial limits placed on you so you can discover your own inner financial genius. You are more successful than you think.

No matter how busy you are, or how little money you have, no matter what your level of education... your Quantum Abundance Method will show you how to create true financial abundance.

Discover for yourself, the 3 ways rich people think and act differently from people who can’t break free from financial struggle... and how to install them in to your mind immediately so you can unlock the financial success that has eluded you.
Why "beginners" are able to use these secrets to quickly surpass their own expectations... even if they don't know a thing about running a business, investing, or building wealth! (In fact, the less you understand about what the "experts" try to tell you, the faster you'll be banking big dollars and getting the financial rewards you could only dream about before!)
You’ll erase everything you've learned about goal setting, organizing yourself, or "thinking big." You'll discover exactly what the rich do that set them apart and how you can do it to and achieve your dreams.
Turn your financial fear into one of your best friends and teachers. Your fears will no longer dominate your life and hold you back. You will step through your fears to extraordinary wealth.
Discover how to take control of your financial life in the quickest fashion possible. You will actually jumpstart your wealth building as you go through the Quantum Abundance Method. My "take action formula" is so simple you'll be astounded by your rapid success.

Okay, so how do you get started?

This is the only program like this in existence, so there’s nothing to compare it to. So, let me just ask you a question – how much is it worth to you to...

Actually start attracting more money, love and better relationships into your life.Suddenly find yourself living in a state of optimal work-life balance. No longer feel isolated, and be able to make a greater difference in the lives of those around you and in the world.

Have your subconscious mind working for you instead of against you. Attracting the right people and resources to help you make real progress in all areas of your life.

A lot, right?The regular price of the "Quantum Abundance Method" is just $197.Every student who’s actually used this system, tells me this a bargain.

Why? Just think about it for a second...

The fact is that the “Quantum Abundance Method” has been proven again and again to work... to transform You from a frustrated individual, into a Money Magnet.

A one-time investment of $197 is a bargain.

But you know what? I want to make this an easy decision. I want to end the search for you.So, because you’re getting it here early...



But you will need to take action today.

But we're not stopping here. – because in my search and transformation, I found many more tools to be helpful. And I wanted to make sure you had every single advantage I did…

If you take action today, you'll get this bonus called:

This is where you’ll diagnose the disease of your mind – including any negative beliefs – and learn exactly what’s holding you back now.

This is critical. Unless you know the precise beliefs keeping you form abundance right now… there’s no way to uproot them and reprogram your mind for massive success.

This is a big reason why most audio programs fail.

Because they don't help you get to the root of what’s causing you to fail now… so you remain in the dark and unable to move forward.

Mind Cleanse Primer will take you through a simple process that helps you laser in on your subconscious limiting beliefs, and then cleanse your mind of them – once and for all.

After you’ve cleansed and emptied your mind, you’ll be able to receive new beliefs and open new perception that makes abundance inevitable.

It doesn't stop here. You'll also get this 2nd special bonus.

Here, you’ll be given the instruction you need to enter a state of deep inner awareness, an essential component to attracting and manifesting abundance into your life.

This awareness leads to both understanding and self-confidence, which empowers you to reach for bigger dreams…attract greater wealth and prosperity…and so much more!

There are 5 “triggers” we use to help get you into this state:

#1: Awareness of the Abundance Within

When it comes to awareness, I’m reminded of this quote from Neale Donald Walsch:

"Awareness is a state of being. You are 'being' aware. From this state of awareness,
you  can choose any other be-ing-ness."

Once you have this realization, you see that you can choose to be anything at all - successful, rich, whatever. This is the foundation.   

#2: Believe That Abundance Is Yours

Henry Ford once said: "Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right. Both ways are right.”

The amazing thing about beliefs is that they literally determine your perception of opportunities and possibilities…what you believe is possible, IS possible – and vice versa.

This part of the process will help you hard-wire empowering beliefs about your ability to attract wealth, love, health and more – directly into your brain.

#3: Act On Abundance

Once you are self-aware and believe the right things, you’ll be positioned to take action. Actions that create abundance are little more than thoughts becoming habits, and habits creating your reality.

Here, you’ll learn the most powerful ways to take consistent action and make abundance and success as habitual as brushing your teeth in the morning.

#4: Trust in a Higher Power

Whether you believe in God, Buddha, “the Universe” or source energy – it’s critical that you trust in the creative power beyond your own limited will.

Will power will always be a scarce resource for us…however, when you trust in a power that’s greater than you and let go… that’s when the real magic happens.

Because it’s a source of limitless power. 

You’ll find that you don’t need to try so hard or strain or worry… things just flow to you.

True abundance is nearly effortless, and that can only emerge as you cultivate this trust in that power which is infinite and beyond the conscious mind.

#5: Be Content

Throughout this video, I’ve told you that this is about more than just material success and prosperity…I want you to have abundance on every level.

Had I only achieved financial success – I probably would still be an alcoholic… suffered through strained relationships… and never recovered from the devastation of losing my parents.

But by learning to cultivate gratitude and contentment with all the blessings that flowed into my life – everything changed.

And when you do this, you’ll begin experiencing a sense of happiness that comes from within, and is more powerful than any achievement.

No one can ever take this happiness away from you – it’s the ultimate success, and helps produce even more abundance in your life.

When you lack nothing, you have everything.

This is why Macarena B. from Miami FL exclaimed:

“I finally ‘get’ the reality of abundance and how I no longer need to struggle, fight and worry. I spent so many years trying so hard, but after using this process, I attract so much more into my life with 1/10 the effort!”

-Macarena B.

All in all, this detailed guide will walk you through the entire powerful process and – combined with the audios – will systematically reprogram your mind and body for a whole new limitless life. The value of this guide and the mind cleanse primer is easily $197 – but you get them both free when you download Quantum Abundance Method today.

That’s not all, though. You’ll also get…

Because even though most of this program is automated – just listening to audios that reprogram your brain – it’s helpful to ensure you have a simple daily checklist you can use to make sure you don’t miss anything.

This checklist is something you can keep on your computer, phone or even print and put on your refrigerator… and it will keep you on track, each and every day.

Bonus #4 is called…

And this might be my favorite bonus gift of all. Let me explain…

Even with the power of this program, it’s inevitable that you’ll go through phases of worry, doubt or fear about your future and what to think or do in response to challenges. To counteract those doubts and negative thoughts, I’ve gathered a list of THE most powerful questions you can ask yourself in those moments… which totally shift you OUT of the negative state, and into an empowered mindset.

These questions are so powerful, just posing them to your brain will break the pattern of whatever you’re experiencing and initiate a positive shift. Think of this as your “insurance policy” to prevent negative thoughts from ever hijacking your brain.

The fifth and final bonus is what I call…

And it’s a collection of classic books that have transformed the lives of millions of people all over the world. It includes...

These books would easily cost $200 on Amazon or your local book store, but you’ll get them free as part of The Quantum Abundance Method. If you add all this up… the audios… the guides… the checklist and question bonus… and the success library – the value is easily over $700.

Remember the praise and feedback I showed you earlier? Well, believe it or not, those individual received just a small fraction of what you’ll be getting inside the Quantum Abundance Method program, audio meditations and bonuses.

This program literally takes you beyond the processes that I’ve used to attract wealth into my life… and can quickly (almost immediately) revolutionize your ability to be a happier, more joyful, more spiritually abundant individual.

Despite the fact that I personally spent thousands on coaching, seminars, travel and teachers to uncover all that you’ll find in this step-by-step program… you won’t have to pay $700 for it!

Because things have gone so well for me financially, including my other best-selling programs, that I have decided instead that this is something that I want to leave as my legacy.

I am more interested in reaching a lot of people and touching their hearts than in making a lot more money.

I don’t want you or anyone to have to go through what I did – and you won’t, because this program contains everything I wish I had when I hit rock bottom.

So here’s what I’m going to do: 

I’m offering the entire Quantum Abundance Method Program—all the audios, the bonus guides, the checklists and more— to you for the low initial price of just $27.



That’s a small price to pay for the ability to transform every part of your life—and tap into infinite abundance, now and in the years to come. 

Again, this is my way of helping you and others break the cycle of effort, frustration, pain… and embrace a more graceful and beautiful way to achieve success, wealth and love… because I want everyone to experience and live in the heart of prosperity.

I want to live in a different kind of world.

A kind of world where people actually tap into their divine power … connect with each other … have attitudes of love and service toward each other … and never have to worry about money.

There is nothing else like this. I know, because I would have read it or be using it by now.

This process can help you or anyone – regardless of your job, background, education, sex, appearance or anything else – access unlimited inner power and create the exact life you want.

The investment you’ll make for this remarkable information isn’t even a drop in the bucket – considering all that it can do for you, and the kind of difference it can make in your life …

Just the ability to achieve even one of your most ambitious goals, and be supported in your dreams and vision… would be worth the price.

But I’m not talking about one day – this transforms your access to this magical power … today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

And if you just look at this as a financial investment – just conservatively using your newfound ability to make an additional $10,000 over the next few years …

It would be an over 200-to-1 return on your investment.

So if you’re ready to get started, there is a button below where you can click and begin.



Of course, there is absolutely no risk whatsoever in giving the program a try. I have complete, 100% confidence in the ability of this material to do everything I’ve promised and more...

As long as you take ACTION on what is shared inside. 

Remember, it is my mission, my sincerest intention – to give you everything you need to tap into quantum levels of abundance… to realize extreme wealth and prosperity in ALL areas… and I can only do that by getting this information into your hands.

I ONLY want you to pay for this powerful program IF and WHEN it transforms your relationships, your personal happiness, and ability to create lasting wealth. Period.

Again – just click the button below to get started.



It’s easy: just follow the steps, and minutes from now you can be going through this life-changing process … realizing your full potential—personally, romantically, financially, spiritually—and more!

If you're kicking yourself because you made a few mistakes and you're in debt up to your eyeballs and you have no idea how you'll ever get out... and your money always runs out before the end of the month...

...you're worried about paying for your kids' schooling or saving something for retirement, it's not your fault.

Here's why ...

It's the subconscious programming you received as a child. Fortunately, with the Quantum Abundance Method there's a simple way to change these patterns and it's as easy as clicking the remote control.

Let me prove it.

We've all heard about people who are broke who suddenly get a cash windfall-say, through an inheritance, a legal settlement, or by winning the lottery-only to rapidly lose all that money and return miserably to status quo.

It's not that they have had bad luck or their born under the wrong astrological sign, it's just their internal thermostat is set to "STRUGGLE," and so when money lands in their hands and they are temporarily thrown into a very unnatural state for them. A state of wealth, it's only a matter of weeks or months before they lose it all.

On the other hand, we've all heard tales of rich people losing large sums of money-say, through a stock market crash or by a failed business venture-only to eventually rebound within a few short years. Their internal thermostat is permanently set to "rich." If they go broke and are temporarily in an unnatural state to them. A state of financial struggle. It's only a matter of time before they are rolling in dough again.

Take "the Donald" for example. Donald Trump has failed more times in business than just about anyone. Yet he always recovers and moves on to create new wealth.

Even more people run after him, to offer him new deals.

There is a simple reason why — his internal thermostat is permanently set to rich.

Your thermostat can be changed too. I'll prove it right now....

Nahia from Oahu, Hawaii wrote in...

“ I wanted to tell you how the Quantum Abundance Method worked for me a few months back. I have had many small things to share about it but this one is like magic. Around a year ago, I was wanting to get a job but I had conditions like I wanted a job that was nearby to my place say a half an hour distance as I didn't want to travel, next I wanted two days off that is Saturday and Sunday and it needed to be in a corporate office because I have always been working in the hospitality industry.

I got many job offers, but none matching to my terms and I was cool about it. Many times sitting at my window I used to watch people waiting for the bus to go to office.  And I would fantasize that that I'd like to travel on this bus going to the same place, and with the perfect job.

After 2 months I suddenly got a call for a job interview. I don't know who she was and how she got my number but magically I got the job exactly in the location nearby to my place.  I got the days off that I wanted and I am now traveling on the bus that I wanted to. It was like magic. It's now been 8 months and I am happy to be working here.”

- Nahia, Oahu, Hawaii

Matthew Peters made over $280,000...

" First I would like to thank you for your wonderful materials that have truly enlightened and changed me and my life. You cannot understand have grateful I am for them as they have truly brought me back from a dark place in my life.

Second, I love your Quantum Abundance Meditations. I was able to overcome an awful financial situation with their help and I see them as wonderful tools for creating the correct state for manifestation. I have learnt so much from them. Your "Money Magnetism" meditation is very useful as it allows you to identify and release limiting beliefs. And I can tell you that it has allowed me to do exactly that.

Over the years I've been a great saver and amassed over $120,000 in savings. But I've always been afraid to invest the money and get a higher return. But after you've opened my eyes. I started investing prudently and am glad that just after 8 months. I've grown my money to over $280,000! I can't thank you enough for opening my eyes to the beautiful possibilities out there."

- Matthew Peters

Jeremy from New York shares..

" I've been listening to the 5 Quantum Meditations for about 1.5 months now and I am really noticing some amazing changes in myself.  I feel healthier, I got a promotion at work, I've started developing my online business plans that I've had for years... and so much more! Thanks Winter. Please keep the inspiration coming."


Sharon Leah says...

“I've been listening and following the Quantum Abundance Method for several months now. I'm an educated and highly spiritual person and have always felt like there was something out there for me...ie I have always known I was destined for greatness, as Oprah says.

It's coming...just this morning I attracted a cup of coffee. I JUST went to the mailbox and there were two checks for $100 and $150 I wasn't expecting. Money really DOES come to me through all types of channels, as I expect it to. I EXPECT to have a great day and share positivity with everyone I come into contact with.

My house is on the market and it's down to the wire on an offer. I have a number in mind...but am being asked to pay closing costs for the buyer. I have just asked the listing agent to contribute this $2K...and I know she will.

Thank you Winter for sharing this program with me.
I am so grateful for all that I have, each and every day!!!”


Another student Angie wrote...

“This was awesome and truly got through to me, I'm really starting to get this stuff... it's like every day little miracles are happening to me and its all making sense. I am getting really lucky in so many ways that I feel like my dreams really are possible and will come true.. it's amazing!!!!!! Anything, yes anything is possible and I'm believing it!  I dream really big, so here it goes....”


Are these folks any different than you?

No, they are not. They represent professionals, stay-at-home moms, people who were moderately successful but looking for the major breakthrough that would propel them to the top, even people so poor that they lived on peanut butter and crackers during the seminar and people who went failed at everything they ever attempted.

The only thing they did was to put their doubts aside... and give this new way of thinking a try. For some of them, it cost several thousand dollars to attend and was worth every penny. There are thousands of success stories of people who I have personally coached but you have an advantage over every single one of them...

So really, you have a really simple choice to make.

Option #1 is for you to do nothing.

Keep going the way you are now, stay at that job that you hate, let the bill pile up and keep being frustrated, because you don’t take action.

Keep, you know, going for other overpriced wealth workshops and seminars, and spending your time needlessl, and just get more and more frustrated, because you’d start to think that it won’t happen for you.

I can tell you from the testimonials you’ve seen already and more that I want to show you, it can happen for you!

You were born with the right to be wealthy, if you just learn how to open the doorway within you and allow yourself to manifest and attract the abundance you deserve. It is so easy with the Quantum Abundance Method.

Option #2 is you can take what you learn today and try to do it yourself.

You can take the basic ideas I talked about, the subconscious mind, meditation, using your intuition, and go out and use it for yourself. And you might get some decent results!

But wouldn’t you rather have a sure thing? Wouldn’t you rather have a simple system that so many others around the world have already used and have that in your corner, as you try to make this happen.

But of course, there’s an option #3 – risk nothing at all today!

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I look forward to hearing how The QUANTUM ABUNDANCE METHOD transformed your life!

P.S. —  Now, if you are still here, I think you’ve heard enough from me.

So let me tell you about what a few others are saying  about using the program...

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-Ralph B

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